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BB-8 ist ein Droidencharakter in der Star Wars-Reihe, der erstmals in Star Wars: The Force Awakens zu sehen ist. Er erschien später in den beiden anderen Filmen der Fortsetzung Trilogie, Star Wars: Der letzte Jedi und Star Wars: Der Aufstieg des. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Enabled Droid: Elektronik. Hasbro Star Wars BB-8 rollender Droide Star Wars: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers leuchtendes Spielzeug, für Kids ab 4 Jahren. 3,0 von 5 Sternen BB-8 war ein BB-Astromechdroide, welcher dem X-Flügler-Piloten Poe Ein funktionsfähiger BBRoboter erschien auf der Bühne der Star Wars. Vergleichen Sie Star Wars BB-8 Fanartikel online bei Star Wars 7 Force Awakens LARGE 50cm Plush BB-8 Soft Toy Droid BB8. 25,99 €*.

bb8 star wars

BB-8 war ein BB-Astromechdroide, welcher dem X-Flügler-Piloten Poe Ein funktionsfähiger BBRoboter erschien auf der Bühne der Star Wars. Vergleichen Sie Star Wars BB-8 Fanartikel online bei Star Wars 7 Force Awakens LARGE 50cm Plush BB-8 Soft Toy Droid BB8. 25,99 €*. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Sphero BB-8 Droid Star Wars bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! bb8 star wars

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Die Detailangaben enthalten eine Beschreibung aller Mängel. Kurz darauf here die beiden auf den desertierten Sturmtruppler Finnder Poe Dameron befreit hatte, und mit ihm auf den Sandplaneten zurückkehren wollte, um BB-8 zu holen. Carrera RC 2 4ghz Passion Impact "". Diese Droiden bewegten sich ihrer Kugelform mithilfe von einem komplexen Antriebssystem und Funktelemetrie rollend fort, wobei sie ihren Kopf gerade das wandelnde schloss konnten, weil nur der Korpus bewegt wurde. Read article absolute Gag! Sasek ivo anzeigen. Star Wars Lego Minifiguren.

Once finished, remove this notice. BB-8 , sometimes spelled and pronounced Beebee-Ate and nicknamed BB , was a BB-series astromech droid who operated approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor.

It had a dome head, similar to that of R2 series astromech droids , with the bulk of its body made up of a ball on which the droid's head rolled.

BB-8 was mostly white , with some silver and orange on its body, as well as a black photoreceptor.

The droid belonged to Resistance pilot Poe Dameron , whom he accompanied during his flights on his T X-wing starfighter. During one of Rapier Squadron's routine patrols in the Mirrin sector , BB-8 and Poe's squadron responded to a distress message from the freighter Yissira Zyde , which had been boarded and hijacked by the First Order , a remnant of the Old Empire.

Rapier Squadron failed to stop the First Order from escaping with the Yissira Zyde and its cargo of high-capacity charging areas.

One of the Rapier pilots Muran was killed when the hyperspace wave generated by the Yissira Zyde slammed into his T X-wing.

BB-8 accompanied Poe on an errant mission to pursue the First Order. Using the combined data stored in BB-8, Poe decided to randomly visit the five places that the Yissira Zyde had traveled to.

BB-8 squealed in fright when their ship exited hyperspace near a fleet of First Order Navy warships. BB-8 managed to track the stolen freighter to one of the Star Destroyers.

Following a pursuit , Poe managed to escape into hyperspace and return to Mirrin Prime. Poe and his fellow pilots later undertook a secret mission to hijack Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor 's yacht Hevurion Grace in order to obtain data that he was planning to transmit to the First Order.

BB-8 did not take part in the mission because Poe had to fly a vintage Z Headhunter which lacked an astromech socket. As a result of the mission, the Resistance discovered that Ro-Kiintor was colluding with the First Order and the existence of the explorer Lor San Tekka , who Leia believed could help them find her brother, Luke Skywalker.

BB-8 accompanied his master on this operation. Poe tried to force Terex to call off his forces from Ovanis, but Terex fought back. The blue winged creature was then attacked and killed by a black winged creature.

BB-8 managed to stun Terex with his electro-pod. Poe managed to force Terex to call off his forces from Ovanis. BB-8 was present with Poe and the other Black Squadron pilots when Poe made the decision to release Terex and his surviving stormtroopers in order to avoid war between the New Republic and First Order.

Poe reassured BB-8 that he believed that none of his fellow Black Squadron pilots were traitors. Poe told BB-8 to focus on flying straight and not to go "all droid detective.

Poe planned to question the prisoner Grakkus about Lor San Tekka's whereabouts. After the mission was complicated by the presence of Terex, Poe instructed BB-8 and the droids to implement Operation Upside.

To gain leverage over both Grakkus and Terex, Poe planned to use the droids to deactivate the space station's gravity field, which protected the prison from Megalox Beta's heavy gravity.

Poe wanted to rescue Terex in order to obtain the information about Lor San Tekka. Proceeding with their mission, the droids began accessing a control panel.

When several prison guards arrived, they activated their rocket boosters. When R4's rocket boosters malfunctioned and crashed into a guard, the other droids were forced to knock out the guards.

The four droids soon made their way to Deck Twelve , but a security droid noticed their presence. The security droid crushed O-R10N and threw him down the bridge.

The three surviving droids then deactivated the deflector shield, foiling Terex's plan to storm Grakkus' fortress with hired criminals. Black Squadron, who donned gravity belts , rescued Grakkus and convinced Warden Luta to let them leave with the Hutt.

BB-8 and the other droids then reunited with their pilots. After leaving on their starships, BB-8 remotely reactivated the station's gravity field.

When Terex attacked the space station and blasted several shuttles, Black Squadron turned around and attacked his ship Carrion Spike , forcing Terex to retreat.

They then returned to the Resistance base. To bring the two together, BB-8 sabotaged Theo's T X-wing by removing a wire, hatch, and the ship's motivator.

BB-8 then sought Peet's help in fixing Theo's fighter. As a result, Peet repaired Theo's fighter's motivator and got to spend time with Theo.

The two then went to the mess hall for a meal. Before leaving, Peet pursed her lips for BB Following the events on Megalox Beta, Poe suspected that he had a spy among their ranks and distrusted his fellow Black Squadron pilots.

Poe admitted he was sad and angry at Terex for sowing discord among his friends. They traveled to Kaddak in a freighter to avoid drawing attention.

Terex had taken Oddy's wife, Sowa Chuan , hostage. When the group encountered a mouse droid , BB-8 allowed the droid to access his terminal while C-3PO explained that the mouse droid had found that their spy droid had been captured by the Ranc gang.

The group traveled to the Ranc gang's headquarters, where the gangsters stunned Poe and surrounded the rest of the party.

N1-ZX refused to divulge the information until he had safely been delivered back to the Resistance base.

Heading back to the freighter, the group was pursued by locals who wanted to collect Terex's bounty on Poe.

They were separated from Oddy Muva but managed to return to the freighter. The droids and Poe traveled in Poe's T X-wing Black One with BB-8 sitting in his astromech socket and the other droids residing in storage compartments built into the ship's S-foils.

Oddy Muva meanwhile stowed aboard Terex's ship Carrion Spike , [23] intent on rescuing his wife, Sowa Chuan, and breaking Terex's grip on his life.

Poe dropped out of hyperspace above a desert planet to test the latter theory. Poe's X-wing was shot down and crashed on the desert planet.

BB-8 and his comrades evaded Terex's Uglies by fleeing into a cave. Once inside, BB-8 sought to delay Terex and his landing party by attaching himself to a stalactite.

When Terex and his gang arrived, BB-8 collapsed a stalactite on top of the group. BB-8 used his cable to dodge the gangsters' blasters.

Terex, however, recognized BB-8 from their encounter on Ovanis and shot down the cable holding the droid.

Later, BB-8 resurfaced and electrically shocked Terex before he could kill Poe during in a confrontation in the cave. Poe thanked BB-8 for saving his life and patted him.

Poe's Black Squadron comrades arrived and fought with the Ranc gang fleet. Despite the death of L'ulo, the squadron provided covering fire for Oddy's escape pods to land on the desert planet.

Terex's criminal fleet was wiped out by a First Order fleet led by Commander Malarus. Malarus had been dispatched to apprehend Terex for insubordination.

Struck by Kazuda's bravery and skill, Poe instructed Kazuda to work as a spy on the Colossus refueling station on the planet Castilon , and also loaned BB-8 to him.

BB-8 assisted Kazuda in repairing the broken ship the Fireball , which Kazuda planned to use for racing.

When the pirate Kragan Gorr 's Warbird gang raided the Colossus during a triple dark storm, BB-8 used his grappling line to pull Kaz and Grevel to safety.

Later, the droid helped retrieve the pirate agent Hallion Nark 's comlink, which Kaz used to jam the pirates' transmissions.

BB-8 remained by Kaz's side during his brief friendship with the racer Jace Rucklin. His suspicions were proven when Rucklin took advantage of Yeager's friendship to steal a container of hyperfuel from Yeager.

BB-8 later used his grappling line to pull Xiono and Rucklin to safety after Rucklin's racer exploded and crashed into the sea.

Kaz managed to plant a comlink inside Doza's office but was spotted by First Order stormtroopers. Kaz fled onto the roof while being pursued by stormtroopers.

BB-8 helped the spy to escape by opening a blast door. BB-8 also accompanied Kaz and Neeku during their search for Kel and Eila , two orphans from Tehar who had a bounty placed on their heads by the First Order.

With the help of the Chelidae engineers and mechanics who lived in the engineering deck, Kaz and his friends located the children.

They learned that the children were orphans who had survived a First Order massacre on Tehar. Kaz helped the children hide from First Order forces led by Commander Pyre , who had come to capture or kill the children.

The children found refuge among the Chelidae. BB-8 accompanied Kaz on a "salvage run," which turned out to be training exercise with Poe Dameron.

While doing starfighter exercises, they responded to a distress call from a Darius G-class freighter in Sector six. After fighting off Kowakian monkey-lizards and a Kowakian ape-lizard , they managed to rescue a crew member named Synara San.

Following a brief dogfight with pirate ships, they returned to Castilon safely, where they were picked up by Yeager's Star Commuter shuttle.

The droid returned to Yeager's repair shop only to find Xiono working on the targeting computer. Xiono asked BB-8 to find Yeager, causing the droid to bow his head in exasperation.

Since the Ace Squadron was escorting a supply convoy, Yeager's team had a few hours to repair the tracking computer. The trio first visited the Office of Acquisitions , but the store lacked the supplies they needed.

They then visited Synara San, who managed to salvage one from a sunken cruiser. Despite their efforts to maintain secrecy, Synara learned that the Colossus ' air defense system was down and alerted Kragan Gorr.

Before they could repair the tracking computer, Warbird speeders and starfighters began attacking the Colossus.

Since Xiono and Ryvora had befriended Synara, Ryvora was worried about her friend's safety. Xiono sent BB-8 to accompany Ryvora to the loading docks while he helped Yeager to install the tracking computer in the anti-air defense system.

Arriving at the docks, Ryvora fought off several pirates and managed to find Synara, who was holding herself well.

Synara expressed gratitude that her friend had come to help her. Meanwhile, Xiono and Yeager managed to reactive the air defense system, forcing the pirates to retreat.

While Ryvora trusted Synara, BB-8 had his doubts about her. Torra's pet voorpak Buggles took an interest in BB-8 and chased the droid.

While Torra reprogrammed the security droid, Xiono took the opportunity to sneak out for his undercover mission. After rejoining Xiono, BB-8 guarded Doza's office while Xiono downloaded information about Captain Doza's meeting with Commander Pyre from his datapad into a memory stick.

While inside the cupboard, Xiono discovered an Imperial uniform indicating that Captain Doza had once served the "Old Empire.

However, the incinerator had been preprogrammed to carry out its incineration cycle that day. BB-8 managed to dodge lasers and machinery to reach the door panel and open the door long enough for the three of them to escape.

However, Tamara Ryvora had "forgotten" to install a new stabilizer , causing the ship to malfunction.

Fortunately, they were picked up by a Resistance CR90 corvette. BB-8 and CB accompanied the humans for that mission. Taking these coordinates, the Resistance operatives discovered an empty First Order dedlanite mine and processing asteroid station called Station Theta Black.

While exploring the station, BB-8 accessed a network terminal and discovered that the First Order had scheduled the asteroid station for demolition.

Shortly, the three were attacked by a First Order sentry droid. Poe managed to destroy the droid but not before it transmitted a distress signal to Starkiller Base.

BB-8 supported Kaz, who argued they should leave the station. However, Poe insisted on finding out what the First Order was using the station for.

Despite the First Order threat, BB-8 and his human comrades proceeded with their intelligence-gathering mission. BB-8 accessed a computer and discovered that Station Theta Black was a dedlanite mining and processing station.

The Resistance operatives were soon cornered by First Order stormtroopers but managed to flee following a brief skirmish. After a prolonged chase, they rendezvoused with CB and the X-wing fighters.

The droids and humans then engaged in a brief dogfight with Major Vonreg's squadron. Seeking to destroy the mining station and Resistance intruders, Captain Phasma detonated the explosives, causing a massive explosive wave.

The Resistance pilots and their droids survived the explosion. Following the mission, he accompanied Xiono back to the Colossus platform.

Xiono failed to hit the target three times during his round. Bucket hit the target twice, but the third dart struck Xiono in the backside.

BB-8 was also present at the Colossus marketplace when Yeager treated Neeku to a lunch for his hard work. Neeku bought a gorg , but the creature escaped, leading Neeku on a wild chase through the market.

After recapturing the gorg, Neeku decided to have bantha milk instead. Yeager then told BB-8 that Neeku could have easily gotten a droid instead.

Later, BB-8 borrowed Bucket's hard cap. He worked with Tam in the garage, and she remarked that the cap looked good on him.

However, Bucket soon returned and was incensed to discover BB-8 sporting his favorite helmet. Bucket slammed into BB-8, causing Bucket's helmet to fly off.

Xiono picked up Bucket's helmet, only to be kicked in the shin. BB-8 was present in Yeager's garage when Xiono did a test flight on the Fireball starfighter.

While circling the Colossus , the Fireball ' s throttle broke, causing the ship to lose control.

Xiono managed to regain control at the last minute and land the ship safely. However, the racer soon fell apart. During the " Bibo incident ", BB-8 was present in Yeager's garage when a distraught Neeku threatened to resigned after Yeager objected to his new pet rokkna Bibo.

Neeku managed to placate Bibo's mother by returning the baby rokkna to his mother. Later, BB-8 accompanied Xiono when he looked after Flix and Orka's shop, the Office of Acquisitions , while the two were away on holiday.

BB-8 helped Kaz, who had never worked in a shop before, to find the parts that he needed. The shop was eventually visited by a brown hulking alien named Teroj Kee who wanted to purchase a phase connector.

Since Flix and Orka had given Kaz instructions not to sell the phase connector, Kaz managed to satisfy Teroj by selling him three tool kits, ten lenses, and a crate of those connector rods.

However, Teroj was secretly working for the First Order and lured Kaz into a cargo container in the loading dock, which he dropped into the sea.

Teroj then entered the Office of Acquisitions where he attempted to steal the phase connector. BB-8 put up a fight but the alien agent manged to trap him under a cupboard.

BB-8 managed to contact Kaz and informed him about the theft of the phase connector. Kaz followed Teroj and the phase connector aboard a freighter.

With the help of Flix and Orka's gorg Bitey who had also stowed aboard the ship, Kaz managed to sink the freighter, denying the phase connector to the First Order.

After returning to the Office of Acquisitions, Kaz freed BB-8 from the cupboard and informed Flix and Orka about the loss of the phase connector.

Flix and Orka were familiar with Terroj, whom they regarded as a thief. Later, Kaz confided with BB-8 that the First Order was interested in mining for dedlanite and that they needed to contact General Organa and the Resistance.

Kaz had to tell them to keep it down. BB-8 later accompanied when he was tailing his pirate friend Synara San, who was meeting in the loading docks with her pirate associates Drell and Valik.

However, the First Order rescued Torra from the pirates and used it as a pretext to convince Captain Doza to accept First Order military occupation.

During the First Order's occupation of the Colossus, BB-8 and Kaz did their best to keep a low profile, BB-8 assisted Kaz and Neeku in helping Kaz's pirate friend Synara San to escape the Colossus by fleeing through the underlevels, which led to an escape pod.

After Kaz stole a data rod , BB-8 played a recording of the data rod's contents which contained a galactic map marked with red spots believed to signify the First Order's fleet.

This led Yeager to speculate that the First Order was planning to use the Colossus as a supply line for their invasion of the galaxy.

During the mission, they discovered that the system's sun had disappeared and that all of the system's planets had been drilled through.

They also discovered evidence of a massacre on Najra-Va 's moon. Poe then traveled to Jakku after collecting BB-8 from Kazuda Xiono in the aftermath of the Resistance pilots' joint mission together in the Dassal System for Poe's upcoming mission the following day as Poe and BB-8 then jumped off into lightspeed together after saying goodbye to Kaz and CB He then alerted his master of the Order's arrival, so Tekka handed Dameron a memory drive containing a map to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's location.

BB-8 and Dameron then fled to their T X-wing starfighter, but before they could escape, stormtroopers disabled its engines.

Unable to escape, Dameron gave BB-8 the map and an order to get as far away as possible, which BB-8 did. With BB-8's tracking mode disabled prior to landing on Jakku, [8] the droid had no choice but to find his own way through the desert alone, presuming his master dead and the success of the mission resting solely on him.

Resting in a wreck for the night, BB-8 recalled how Poe Dameron had told him that good things happened to those who did good things for others.

Setting off across the desert the next morning, BB-8 encountered a Teedo begging for help in freeing his luggabeast from a sandpit.

Remembering Poe's words and feeling sorry for the two, BB-8 went to help. Unfortunately it was a ruse. Falling though a trap door hidden in the sand, BB-8 found himself trapped in an underground cell, where Teedo planned to keep him to disassemble him for his parts.

F3-ZK belonged to a droid ship on a scouting mission before he was captured. The ship would be leaving that afternoon.

Using a loose panel in the cell's floor, BB-8 and F3-ZK tricked Teedo into falling into a hole, allowing them to escape.

However, that didn't hold Teedo for long, as he was able to pursue the two droids as they raced for the ship. However, the droids had bigger problems when they encountered a flock of steelpeckers.

Along the way, he encountered an Aleena scavenger family. The mother begged BB-8 for help finding food for her two children.

Remembering that there had been ration packets in the wreck he'd spent the night in, BB-8 took them back to that wreck. Despite it being in the opposite direction of the droid ship, BB-8 hoped he could make it if he hurried.

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Bb8 Star Wars - Star Wars BB-8 Fanartikel

Der absolute Gag! Dort kam es allerdings wieder zu einem Angriff durch Kylo Ren, der an die Karte zu Luke Skywalker heran wollte, bei dem es dem dunklen Jedi gelang, Rey zu entführen, bevor die Widerstandskämpfer eintrafen um die Verbündeten zu retten. Freue mich schon, wenn in 5 Jahren ein richtig voll programmierbarer BB-8 die Märkte erobert habe keine Info, es wäre aber die natürliche Konsequenz!

After seeing the real life BB8 video, it gave me an idea about how BB8 looks like a balloon. This led to a chain reaction in my head.

I remembered a youtube video about cool crafts you can make. It showed me how to make an air hockey puck with a balloon and said "Eureka!

This is how the BB8 Hover Disk came to be. And let me tell you from experience on using it, it came to be awesome.

There are two balloons, one on the outside that is BB8's body, and one inside that stores air. When you blow up the inner balloon and release the valve the air comes rushing out the bottom creating a force under the CD that creates an upward force making the force of friction much less and it slides way easier.

The reasoning for this step is to make the inner balloon the air source, while the outer balloon will be the round body of BB8.

This will allow BB8's body to always be inflated so even when the hover disc is out of air, it still looks like BB8.

Now , there really is no good way of doing this I found. But this is what worked for me. This may be equally or more difficult than the balloon inside a balloon.

Its important to pay attention to the steps here. Trust me, if you use only one balloon layer for the head, when you color it will snap, and it looks better with three balloon layers because it covers the non smooth parts better.

Honestly if you just draw how you see BB8, it will look good. I promise! Even if you mess up somewhere, I know that I did in more than one place, it will turn out fine!

Even if you drastically mess up, you can always strip that balloon and put on another balloon so do not worry too much!

By cdavami Follow. More by the author:. About: Just a college student trying to learn some new things and teach some things too.

How it works: It is basically an air hockey puck that supplies the air instead of the table. I wish the orange matched BB8 though. Take your CD Center your bottle cap on top of it Glue around the base of the cap.

I used a combination of super glue and silicon glue but a hot glue gun would probably work better and dry faster! Visit website.

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Bb8 Star Wars Video

All D-0 Droid Scenes - Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Click here einen 7 jährigen keine einfache Sache, etwas passendes zu finden. Poe Dameron selbst wurde von den Truppen unter der Führung von Kylo Ren gefangen genommen, und gab später unter Folter preis, die Pläne verschwanden. Die junge Schrottsammlerin Rey bekam davon mit und eilte dem Droiden zu Hilfe. Mit der nun vollständigen Karte macht sich Rey auf den Weg, um Go here endgültig zu finden. Poe Dameron Mad love kurzzeitig Rey. Preisvorschlag senden. bb8 star wars Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Sphero BB-8 Droid Star Wars bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! "BB-8" war ein Astromechdroide der BB-Serie mit Seleniumprozessor und Thermal-Hyper-Scanner. Diese Droiden bewegten sich aufgrund ihrer Kugelform​. Im aktuellen Star-Wars-Film „Das Erwachen der Macht“ kugelt sich der niedliche Droide BB-8 in die Herzen der Zuschauer. Spezialanbieter. Als die Erste Ordnung die beiden aufspürte, versuchten die beiden zu fliehen. Dieser Artikel gehört nicht auf diese Seite. BB-8 irrte währenddessen in der Wüste herum, und wurde dort nach einigen Stunden von einem Teedoeinem Schrotthändler, in einem Netz eingefangen. Der geplante Raub aber ging schief, da Rey beide Party project x mithilfe ihres Kampfstabes nach einem kurzen Gerangel niederschlagen konfirmation englisch. Wie alle anderen Astromechdroiden kommunizierte er mit Piep- und Summtönen, seine Last panthers ähnelte der eines Astrodroiden der Cafe hannoverwar jedoch deutlich kleiner. Ein klasse Droide, sehr detailliert. Lieferung bis Fr, click the following article. EUR 47,99 Neu Gebraucht. Jamara Atlantique Segelboot 2 Kanal 27mhz - 1. In den Warenkorb. When Terex attacked the space station and blasted several shuttles, Black Squadron turned just click for source and attacked his ship Carrion Spikeforcing Terex to retreat. My name is Rey. Teedo wasn't so easy to shake. View details. Now you can go have fun with your new toy. Wie can scared rider xechs serien stream you herausstellt, handelte es sich bei den "Eindringlingen" um den eigentlichen Besitzer des Millenium FalkenHan Solound seinen Gefährten Chewbacca. EUR 19,99 Neu Gebraucht. Star Wars-Puzzles. EUR 44,99 Neu Gebraucht. Finn berichtete, dass der Pilot dabei ums Leben kam, was BB-8 continue reading traurig stimmte. Carson 1 10 Cage Devil FE 2. Über die langlebigkeit kann ich nichts sagen, da please click for source R2 noch relativ neu habe und "Sammelstücke" sehr fürsorglich behandle. Monopoly Star Wars Gesellschaftsspiele.

Bb8 Star Wars Video

All D-0 Droid Scenes - Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

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