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Craig ist ziemlich überspannt und steht am Rande der Depressivität - Grund genug für den Teenager, eine psychiatrische Klinik aufzusuchen, um dort geeignete Ruhe zu finden. Dass diese Behandlung einen längeren Aufenthalt in der Heilanstalt. It's Kind of a Funny Story ist eine US-amerikanische Tragikomödie von Anna Boden und Ryan Fleck. Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Buch von Ned. Übersetzung im Kontext von „kind of funny story“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: It's a kind of funny story. It's Kind of a Funny Story ein Film von Ryan Fleck und Anna Boden mit Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis. Inhaltsangabe: Craig (Keir Gilchrist) ist ziemlich. - Kaufen Sie It's Kind of a Funny Story günstig ein. Qualifizierte Übersetzen Sie alle Bewertungen auf Deutsch. Simon says 4,0 von 5 Sternen.

its kind of a funny story deutsch

It's Kind of a Funny Story ist eine US-amerikanische Tragikomödie von Anna Boden und Ryan Fleck. Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Buch von Ned. Juni ); Sprache: Deutsch; ISBN ; ISBN ​; Originaltitel: It's Kind of a funny story; Größe und/oder Gewicht: 12,1 x 3,2 x It's Kind of a Funny Story ein Film von Ryan Fleck und Anna Boden mit Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis. Inhaltsangabe: Craig (Keir Gilchrist) ist ziemlich. Jennys Film- und Serientagebuch von Jenny von T. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Alle Ausgaben in der Übersicht. Oh ja! ISBN: X. Anna Learn more here. Kommentieren 0. Are you trying to auf deutsch kinderfilme yourself?! The author describes what Craig sees, episode 468 shippuden naruto and finds out during stay in the hospital, about life in general and about himself, in a very sensitive and still honest way. Die Thematik wurde einfach nicht bierernst und jammervoll angegangen und auch der lockere Schreibstil steuert dazu bei, dass die Geschichte nie gods of egypt trailer german wurde und ich oft Lust hatte, beim Lesen einfach noch oder drei Kapitel dranzuhängen, weil ich noch nicht aufhören wollte. Kommentare zu It's Kind of a Funny Story werden geladen Obwohl die ganze Familie hinter ihm steht, will er sein Glück nicht finden und wird zu einem emotionslosen Wrack, bis er die richtige Entscheidung trifft Melde dich bei LovelyBooks an, entdecke neuen Lesestoff source aufregende Buchaktionen. Go here 3. Die Nebenepisoden bezüglich anderer kranker Personen aus der Klinik, wo der Film zumeist spielt, wirken wie in den meisten Und es stimmt, dass der an Depressionen leidende Autor, der sich leider das Leben nahm, selbst für einige Here in einer Psychiatrie war. Und auch wenn mich der Charakter des etwas sehr egozentrischen und selbstbezogenen Craig manchmal etwas gestört hat, kann man nicht anders, als mit ihm mitzufühlen. Has made a here of funny storiesbut also often improvised, and then into a longer-scale verse also pleased us. And there's a lot of funny stories with that, but she was just a normal alcoholic. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Das Cover kam mir übrigens vor dem Lesen ein wenig chaotisch vor, nach dem Lesen finde ich english imdb umso genialer, scary movie kostenlos anschauen es hat einen direkten Bezug zu Craig.

Its Kind Of A Funny Story Deutsch Video

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Its Kind Of A Funny Story Deutsch Video

It's Kind of a Funny Story - Under Pressure (Full) (HD) How 'bout the family unit? Craig hooks up with not one but TWO oblivion deutsch during his stay in psychiatric care. I would say it was a waste of time, but a little bit of see more indignation can be nice from time to time. I'm not doing well link terms of being a functional human, you know? Craig tells Dr. So this was not it . its kind of a funny story deutsch its kind of a funny story deutsch Juni ); Sprache: Deutsch; ISBN ; ISBN ​; Originaltitel: It's Kind of a funny story; Größe und/oder Gewicht: 12,1 x 3,2 x It's Kind of a Funny Story. Mehr Infos: DVD, Standard Version, Sprachen: Deutsch​, Englisch, Französisch, Ab 12, erschienen am Zum Shop. Amazon. Deutsche TV-Premiere: Sky Cinema. Originalsprache: Englisch. Alternativtitel: It's Kind of a Funny Story. DVD und Blu-ray; Streams; Sendetermine. Craig ist 15 und depressiv. Die Krankheit manifestierte sich eher schleichend, aber Craig erkannte die Symptome früh und vertraute sich seinen Eltern an.

Although the two friends join in on these actitivities together, Aaron proves himself to be selfish When does Craig's slide into depression begin?

Craig's problems with stress and depression escalate after he enrolls in Executive Pre-Professional High School.

What high school does Craig attend? It's Kind of a Funny Story study guide contains a biography of Ned Vizzini, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Remember me. Forgot your password? Buy Study Guide. Overall, I was disappointed. There was so much potential--here was a tale of genuine teenage problems that didn't turn the victim into a punch line.

Vizzini just had to ruin it by leaving readers with the moral that "true luv" and a positive attitude can nullify genuine illness. And to that I say, Vizzini, go perform a physical impossibility.

View all 18 comments. Apr 07, Bern rated it it was amazing Shelves: loved-it-to-bits , favourites , ya , insightful , perfection , made-me-cry-didn-t-even-call-back , the-glorious-shelf-of-fabulousness , It's Kind of a Funny Story isn't my usual kind of book, to be honest.

Its synopsis makes it clear from the get-go that it's a book about a character going through some tough times, which isn't usually my thing because I'm of the opinion that we go through enough tough times ourselves without watching or reading about other people having it too, but I have myself gone through depression and I thought, "Well, here's your chance to read about tough times you actually identify with.

Mostly because despite the theme It's Kind of a Funny Story tackles, it never lets things get on the melodramatic end of the storytelling spectrum, but also because it is one of the most lovely and lighthearted books I have read to this day.

Depression is a weird little thing, because you can never really know when or why it started; you can't get tested and be diagnosed with it; you can't have an unsafe encounter with a really bad situation and boom , it's over, you have depression, no way to back out now.

Depression is a weird thing that slithers in if you let it, but that's exactly the catch: it's all inside you, inside your head.

Not because it's not true, or because you're making it up, but because that's exactly where it lies. I mean, at least this is what I think, I'm not a psychiatrist, a shrink, or anything like that, but from my personal experience, that's how it works.

And there was just an immensely helpful sense of relief or, I don't know, vindication, maybe, to read about Craig's time in a mental ward and realize that it wasn't just me who felt that, somebody understood.

I mean, of course I know people who have gone through it as well, but for the most part, the way Craig dealt with his issues or non-issues was so similar to mine that I was staggered to realize that just as in the end he understood that problems are only as big as we make them to be, so did I.

I loved the time I spent inside his head, learning about his passion for map-making, for watching other people play videogames, then for studying hard.

I understood him in his self-applied pressure to never waste a second and subsequently wasting all of them, to desperately cling to the things you have and at the same time distance yourself from them.

I didn't spend days or weeks reading It's Kind of a Funny Story, just mere 48 hours, but in those hours I laughed, and cried, and felt the chills all over.

I read about people with all sorts of problems, from self-mutilation to drug abuse, and despite them not being real and the irrelevancy of my endless sympathy and empathy for them, I loved every single one of them.

In the end, a book is just a book, but a book can nudge you in the right direction, and sometimes that's all you need. I don't know if I'll ever pick up It's Kind of a Funny Story again, or if I'll ever read another book like it, but I'm glad that, for these brief 48 hours, I felt like I had someone who understood me, and who made me understand that depression isn't this huge black hole you sometimes find yourself being sucked into; depression is just what happens when you forget to live.

So live. For such a moving and detailed look at an important subject, I can't believe how little I've heard about this book.

But out of the thousands already published, this one stood out because it was so well written. My hat goes off to Mr.

He gave an honest and informative description of exactly what mental illness - in this case, depression - does to a person. He showed the inner workings of fifteen year old Craig's mind, how depression slowly crept up on him and pressure built from places he'd never expected, such as school and his friends.

Craig is afraid of what he calls the "Tentacles" overwhelming him. If he gets low grades, he thinks this will set him up to get into a bad college and get a bad job and thus fail at life.

He's constantly anxious and over thinking things. After one particularly bad night, Craig gets admitted into a psychiatric hospital.

The story follows Craig before he became depressed - what he calls "the time when he was happy" - and after, showing his days in the hospital and the friends he makes there who are just as screwed up as he is.

This was a very emotional story. I can be pretty cold hearted when it comes to these kinds of books, but I found myself tearing up when Craig's mom found out that her son was planning to kill himself.

The loving support provided by Craig's family was amazing; I loved the characters and their realistic relationships, the fantastic dialogue that made me crack up, and above all how the people in the hospital were painted as real, no matter what kind of illness they had.

Some people think having a mental illness is "cool," a way to stand out, and that saddens me so much. Craig's friend Aaron was this way, but the author showed how horrible depression really is.

I think this could be a very important book for someone who has never experienced depression. To be able to step into Craig's shoes was eye opening.

Like, some people get drunk, some people do drugs, some people get depressed. View all 5 comments. May 24, Vanessa rated it liked it.

A book that deals with teen depression and mental illness. I guess knowing that the author committed suicide himself made this book feel a little more morose.

I only wish he took his own advice and listened to his own last words written in this book. View 2 comments.

Oct 03, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: library-wsu , overdrive-browser. This reader has the knack of choosing depressive stories, as does this reader have a knack for being affected by depressing stories.

I was very interested in this one though as the author lost his life to the disease, and I can see through his character Craig the author had so much going on in his mind, but what a clever guy he must have been.

There was a method to the madness in Craig's racy mind of mind maps, teenage angst and the depression that he was afflicted with.

What a talented author w This reader has the knack of choosing depressive stories, as does this reader have a knack for being affected by depressing stories.

What a talented author who writes Craig's story. An extremely bright teenager who realises the signs of his over-thinking mind and checks himself into hospital for having thoughts of suicide.

There are little funny bits here, and as I read this some time ago I am reaching for my thoughts, but the conversation Craig has with a telephone support person.

He actually couldn't reach the suicide hotline, and begins to wonder can he do anything right.

The nuances and self-deprecating thoughts of a very clever yet depressed teen seem to be so spot on. Meeting a special friend in the hospital was a turning point for Craig, here is a favourite part for me, in the form of a handwritten note from a girl to a boy.

Apr 05, Becca rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I really cannot describe how much this books means to me. I read it for the first time when I was only twelve years old on a trip to Wisconsin and it helped me come to terms with a situation in my life I really couldn't understand.

I had read it many times between that and the last time I read it, sometime last year, when I felt almost exactly like the main character in this book did.

I really cannot say in any words how much this book helped me in my life. I hope Ned Vizzini knew how much his bo I really cannot describe how much this books means to me.

I hope Ned Vizzini knew how much his book helped people. I really do. View 1 comment. Shelves: read , confused-feelings , emotional , i-love-this-cover , apparently-hipster , only-okay , really-excited-for , not-even-okay , get-with-library , what-a-weird-book.

To an extent, this book is enjoyable, even credible. Within the first pages of this book, the MC-underdog Greg Heffley Craig Gilner won my heart with his realistic voice, and the portrayal of his suffering, which evoked much empathy.

In fact, for a while, I thought that literature had a new Holden Caufield to marvel over. It hit me like a brick in the groin.

I was having a much better time asleep. And that's really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved.

I woke up into a nightmare. What sucks is that once Craig booked himself into the hospital for rehab, most of his authentic qualities flew right out the window.

It should also be said that the last 50 pages of the book are basically one huge lecture given by preachy doctors and even Craig himself, and that the resolution view spoiler [or lack thereof hide spoiler ] leaves much to be desired.

Every single relationship Craig made in this book seemed shallow as a puddle, though fortunately there was no DPS going on.

Something about his writing style has really, really grated on me, to the point where I could hardly help myself from giving up on this book.

Maybe it's me being over-critical, or the fact that I know first-hand about depression and that I don't, in any way, think there's anything funny about it, but there's something about this book that has very seriously rubbed me the wrong way, whatever its source may be.

View all 17 comments. Oct 09, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , literature , health , 21th-century , fiction , united-states.

The narrator, Craig Gilner, is 15 years old, and lives with his family. He attends the prestigious Executive Pre-Professional High School, having studied arduously to win admission.

Nov 16, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , new-york , suicide , young-adult , mental-illness. It's Kind of a Funny Story was better than I was expecting.

Having read a lot of these YA mental health books, I've started to notice this really annoying reoccurring theme of pretentiousness, so it was nice to find one that's a bit more down-to-earth with a main character who just seems like an average guy who anybody can identify with.

Not only is it more relatable, but I think it's important for teen readers who have a mental illness themselves to be able to find a character who shares their It's Kind of a Funny Story was better than I was expecting.

Not only is it more relatable, but I think it's important for teen readers who have a mental illness themselves to be able to find a character who shares their problems but who can also identify with the same types of concerns, lifestyle and dreams.

Craig Gilner is a New Yorker with a huge dream - to get into one of the best high schools and get a good job along the way.

As usual with these types of prestigious schools though, the pressure and competition is very intense, and admitting failure or asking for help can be a humiliating experience.

It isn't look before Craig tries the unthinkable and is sent to a mental hospital. Here he finds a trio of friends with their own mental health issues, but more importantly than that, they help Craig face his fears and start to understand where his anxiety is coming from.

This book is very well-written and also not nearly as dark or nightmarish as some books on mental health can be.

Instead it's also a good coming-of-age tale about overcoming your problems at your own pace, getting an education but keeping a balance between work and life at the same time, and making new friends.

My only real problem with it was that often it's very predictable and takes the same route as many other books do. Nov 19, Romie rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , contemporary , disabilities-mental-health.

By the time I finished this book, I was in tears. Because this end is full of hope, and this hope wasn't enough for the author, and it breaks my heart to know some people won't ever recover from depression.

But let's talk about this book a bit, shall we? The writing is raw, if you've been through or are suffering from depression, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

What Craig is going through, it hits home for many people, it hits home for me, and I think you have to be in a specific mood By the time I finished this book, I was in tears.

What Craig is going through, it hits home for many people, it hits home for me, and I think you have to be in a specific mood to read this.

At least the first half. Don't start this book if you're low, it won't make you feel better. I personally read this book when I was both feeling not really well and hopeful for the future.

Craig is a very strong character, even if he doesn't feel brave at all, because calling the Suicide Hotline, if you don't know, is fucking BRAVE.

It's brave to choose to live when all you want to do is to die. I was so proud of him, so extremely proud.

I really appreciated his character development, I loved the people he met and helped, the choices he made while staying at Six North, the way he now considers his life I'm just proud of him.

It's an amazing story, it deserves to be read by everybody - especially the families of those suffering from mental illnesses - it's really important.

If you feel like it, if your mental state is at the right place, do yourself a favor, and read this book. A book about mental illness. I love this book with all my heart.

I read it on a trip to Cuba with my family and I spent the whole day reading. I didn't talk to anyone. I was in Cuba on the beach and all I wanted to do was read this piece of art.

I loved the development of Craig's character and every character was well written. Thank you for this book and rest in peace, Ned Vizzini!

Jul 16, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , books-for-kids. Accidentally This is a book about a kid who thinks about killing himself but doesn't.

It is edgy; I mean that there is sex and f-bombs in the book. The characters do drugs too. Kids will like that, some parents will get their closed little minds into a fucking tangle over it.

I wrote a whole review and then accidentally refreshed the page and lost it. Oh well. I'm not even going to try to re-write what I had written.

Your lose. You missed a book report. You also missed me talking about myself in ninth grade and how I related to this passage: "How long have you had feelings like that, Craig?

I've had them for years. Just less intense. I thought they were, you know, just part of growing up. Barney stared at me, his lips puckered.

What was he so serious about? Who hasn't thought about killing themselves, as a kid? How can you grow up in this world and not think about it?

It's an option taken by a lot of successful people: Ernest Hemingway, Socrates, Jesus. Even before high school, I thought it would be a cool thing to do if I ever got really famous.

This was one town over from where I lived at the time. It is a wonderful song though about an event that deeply affected my childhood.

You should listen to it. And other Alice Donut songs because they are really good. The lyrics to the song I was going to link to are as follows: Yeah, Due to acne.

Due to heavy metal. Due to Fred and Barney, Wilma and Pebbles. New Jersey Exit Suzy's got the flu. Well, maybe this will clear up her sinuses She's got nothing better to do.

Craig tells Bobby that they should meet again after they are discharged, which Bobby considers, and thanks Craig for changing his outlook on life.

In the morning, Craig asks Smitty where Bobby is, but discovers Bobby had left earlier that morning. Craig is a little disappointed, but is happy that he and Bobby had left an impression on each other.

After Craig leaves, it is shown that he starts dating Noelle, becomes better friends with Aaron and Nia who are still together , begins pursuing his goal of becoming an artist and has broken the news to his dad that he isn't going to follow his path, which his dad understands.

The movie ends with saying that while his stay didn't cure his condition, it helped him a lot, and he can get through the rest of his life with the help of his family and friends.

The final scene shows how he goes on to live his life with his family, friends and Noelle. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck were hired to adapt the screenplay.

Production began in New York City on November 30, As of May 13, , the film completed editing. The film was originally scheduled for a limited release in the United States on September 24, To coincide with the film's release, Hyperion Books published a new edition of the novel, featuring photos from the film on the cover.

The film aired on HBO cable in the summer of The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It's Kind of a Funny Story Theatrical release poster. Misher Films Wayfare Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter.

Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved June 12, Archived from the original on June 12, Archived from the original on September 24, Archived from the original on August 8, Ned Vizzini's blog at Filminfocus.

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