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Sly Cooper bezeichnet eine Jump-’n’-Run-Videospielserie, deren erste drei Teile von Sucker Punch Productions für die PlayStation 2 entwickelt wurden. Der vierte Teil stammt vom Entwickler Sanzaru Games und erschien für die PlayStation 3 und die. Sly Cooper (oder Sly Raccoon nach dem ersten Teil) bezeichnet eine Jump-'n'-​Run-Videospielserie, deren erste drei Teile von Sucker Punch Productions für. Sly Raccoon. Slys erstes großes Abenteuer bestand daraus, das Buch des Meisterdiebs zurückzustehlen und seinen Vater zu rächen. Sly Cooper Collection - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Sly Cooper: Jagd durch die Zeit - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.​de bestellen!

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Artikel pro Seite: 12, 24, 36, OK. Produkte von Sly Cooper. Alle Hersteller anzeigen · Sly Cooper Plüsch Sly Cooper Stubbins. *14,98 EUR. Zum Produkt. Sly Raccoon. Slys erstes großes Abenteuer bestand daraus, das Buch des Meisterdiebs zurückzustehlen und seinen Vater zu rächen. Begib dich mit dem Meisterdieb Sly Cooper auf ein Abenteuer durch die Zeit. Ein zeitreisender Bösewicht durchforstet die Vergangenheit, um die größten.

Sly dropped down from above and asked where the fun in that would be. Before she could shoot him, he knocked the shock pistol out of Carmelita's hand and pointed out that he only steals from criminals.

They both think to themselves that the other is obsessed with them. The two of them tell the story of how they met, with minor differences.

As they were telling the story, Carmelita had been inching closer to where her shock pistol lay, and Sly gives her permission to go for it, pointing out that he has nowhere to go on the bridge, as he can't swim.

She dove for the gun and said that Sly will be in handcuffs along with Dimitri. However, while she was looking away, Sly jumped off the bridge.

Afraid that he would drown, Carmelita rushes to the edge and looks over, where it is revealed that he had landed on the last ferry out of Monaco with his gang.

Carmelita yelled out that she'll get him if it was the last thing she did, and Sly thinks to himself that his father would have liked her.

I don't know what's in my future, but I won't let it be a repeat of my past. Two years after Clockwerk's defeat, Sly and the gang discovered that the untarnished parts of the owl had been salvaged from the Krakarov Volcano and were being held in the Museum of Natural History in Cairo , Egypt, where they were to be restored in the "Clockwerk Restoration Project.

As Sly entered the Clockwerk exhibit, he discovered that the parts were already gone. Carmelita and her new partner Constable Neyla , hiding in a pair of sarcophagi, revealed themselves.

While Carmelita was sure that Sly was thief responsible, as he had the motive, and crooks "always return to the scene of the crime.

As Carmelita reprimanded Neyla, stating that she only allowed her to be apart of this case as a favor to the Contessa , Sly and his gang escaped the museum.

It did not take long for the gang to discover the location of the Clockwerk tail feathers. They tracked them down in Paris , where Dimitri, the forger previously met in Monaco, was using them due to their indestructible alloy to constantly print counterfeit money.

Over the course of the night with help from Neyla, who let it be known that she purposely tipped Sly off to the Klaww Gang, the gang destroyed Dimitri's operation and left France with the tail feathers.

They spent some time in Monaco before heading off to the next location: a palace in India owned by another Klaww Gang member, Rajan.

Sly crashed a party being held at Rajan's palace while in disguise, dancing with Carmelita who was undercover along with Neyla and the Contessa to distract the crowd while Murray cut the Clockwerk wings free from a large statue.

After Carmelita discovered that the one she was dancing with was Sly, she broke cover and started making arrests left and right. Rajan retreated to his spice temple while the gang headed to Bollywood.

During their small vacation, they learned that Rajan also had the Clockwerk heart , which he was using as a pump to water his spice plants.

Eventually the gang got their hands on one half of the heart, but were betrayed by Neyla while attempting to collect the other half.

Sly, Murray and Carmelita, who Neyla claimed was allied with the Cooper gang, were all arrested and imprisoned in the Contessa's Prague -based rehabilitation clinic while Bentley escaped.

Sly was thrown into "the hole": a chamber that was used to break criminals' minds with days of isolation.

Bentley, working on his own, eventually broke Sly out. He also discovered that the Contessa was a secret member of the Klaww Gang that used her powers of hypnosis to reveal the location of criminals' fortunes.

The two set to work on freeing Murray, who was being held in the prison area of the clinic. After freeing him, the Contessa escaped on her blimp to her castle estate, and the gang celebrated their breakout.

After a relatively long break, the gang followed the Contessa to her castle, where she was being attacked by Neyla, who had now betrayed her, and her army of mercenaries.

Carmelita was being held in the Contessa's " re-education tower " where she was being bombarded by the hypnotic effects of the Clockwerk eyes.

Against Bentley's advice, Sly freed Carmelita while collecting the Clockwerk eyes, before defeating the Contessa. Now a fugitive from the law, Carmelita accepted Sly's help in escaping from Neyla.

Now fully committed to taking down the spice empire, the gang headed to Canada where Jean Bison , the Klaww Gang's chief of transport, was located.

They discovered that he was in possession of the Clockwerk stomach and both lungs , which he was using to run his three "Iron Horses": trains that carried spice all across North America.

After three successful train heists, Sly decided that he needed to help clear Carmelita's name without turning himself in.

Following the robbery of his trains' power sources, Bison headed to his lumber camp where he was holding a series of challenges called the " Lumberjack Games ," with the Clockwerk talons as the prize.

Realizing that Bison had the judges so scared as to always give him perfect 10s in score, the gang took out all of the judges and replaced them.

Giving him all zeroes, Bison caught on to the trick and captured the gang. They defeated him inside the prison where they were held, before escaping.

Realizing that Bison had taken all of their Clockwerk parts and sold them to Arpeggio , the gang rushed to the northern lights battery before Arpeggio's blimp could pick it up.

As soon as the battery was hooked into the blimp, Sly headed to the smaller balloon that was holding all of the Clockwerk parts.

It was there that he learned that Neyla and Arpeggio were conspiring the entire time to collect the robotic bird for themselves.

In an impassioned attempt to stop the construction, Sly accidentally locked the parts into place. Neyla and Arpeggio confronted him, and Arpeggio revealed his master plan of using the northern lights which were stored in the northern lights battery to hypnotize everyone below the blimp into a fit of rage.

As rage is what kept Clockwerk alive for centuries, Arpeggio was planning to use this hate to remain immortal inside of Clockwerk for eternity.

However, before he could enter the Clockwerk frame, Neyla attacked him and entered for herself, becoming " Clock-La.

Sly, along with Bentley and Murray, toiled to dismantle critical parts of the blimp before finally sending out a signal to Carmelita, who arrived shortly after in a police helicopter.

Carmelita agreed to join forces with Sly in order to defeat Clock-La. Jumping into her helicopter, Sly took control of its gun and attacked her.

Before she could be defeated, however, she located and captured Bentley and Murray within the battery, destroying the blimp in the process.

Sly paraglided to Clock-La and attacked her head, forcing her to the ground. As she crashed to the ground, Bentley recalled that Neyla mentioned a " Hate Chip.

With the Hate Chip removed, Clockwerk's body exploded. Despite this, none of the individual pieces were damaged.

Carmelita, having just arrived and being angry at not being able to attack Neyla herself, stomped on the Hate Chip, which caused all of the parts to disintegrate on the spot.

Sly and his family were finally free from the menace of Clockwerk. In spite of this, Carmelita needed to uphold the law and put the gang, Bentley included, under arrest.

Realizing that his gang was in no shape for a quick getaway, Sly promised to surrender with no trouble if Carmelita let Murray walk with Bentley in his arms.

She agreed, and was soon after given a reinstatement and promotion by her boss, Inspector James Barkley.

While on the short helicopter ride across town, Carmelita quickly loosened up and the two shared stories about their interests. Some time later, she realized that the "short ride" had already taken two hours.

While she checked on the pilot who was gone, thanks to Murray , Sly picked his handcuffs and escaped with his paraglider.

As he flew off, Carmelita swore that she'd get him and quietly remarked that she'd see him again soon. He snuck into the prison and found McSweeney's cell and, after passing a test to prove his identity, learned the location of map to Kaine Island where the Cooper Vault was located.

After trying and failing to get the map from a museum in Italy, Sly and Murray realized that they would need Bentley, who was currently in the hospital after the accident at the end of their last adventure.

While they broke him out, Carmelita took over the investigation of the failed museum heist. She retrieved the painting that Sly had touched and took it to her apartment.

Sly, planning for this, broke into her apartment and stole the map, which had been hidden underneath the canvas. After escaping from the scene, Sly met back up with Bentley, who had made modifications to a wheelchair to suit his needs.

As the two talked about the upcoming heist, Murray entered the safe house and told them that he was leaving the gang so that nothing like Bentley's accident would ever happen again.

Despite having just lost one third of their team, Sly and Bentley headed out for Kaine Island. When they arrived however, they saw that the island had been transformed into a fortress by a mandrill scientist named Dr.

With security "as tight as Fort Knox," Sly realized that it would take a team of specialists to be able to sneak onto the island and reach the Cooper Vault.

Getting inside the place would take precision, creativity, and moreover, it would take an army of world-class thieves.

Finding and bringing together that much talent won't be easy, but to get inside the Cooper Vault and collect my inheritance, I was willing to pay the price.

They set out for Venice directly to re-recruit Murray, who had been seen in the area. With the help of Dimitri who had been imprisoned there , Sly found Murray, who promised to rejoin the gang after making the "black water [run] pure" as part of his Aboriginal dreamtime training.

The "black water" was the pollution of the canals around the city, caused by the crime lord Don Octavio in an attempt to lure in an "audience" for his opera.

Sly and Bentley, with Murray's help, foiled the plans of the Don and, with his Guru 's request fulfilled, Murray rejoined the gang.

Despite this, Murray felt bad for never returning to the Guru, so to find closure the gang headed to Australia. However, miners in the area had since destroyed the surrounding land while searching for opals, and had inadvertently released the Mask of Dark Earth , an ancient cursed mask that the Guru was tasked with keeping dormant.

Though the mask did escape its confines, the gang destroyed it with Carmelita's mercenaries' help and the Guru agreed to join the gang, becoming the first new member since the gang's creation.

As Bentley's RC skills were not sufficient for the heist, the gang went looking for a specialist. They found one in Penelope , a mouse from Holland and the crush of Bentley, but before she would join, the gang needed to prove their worth by beating her boss, the Black Baron , in aerial combat during the ACES competition.

It is revealed, after his defeat by Sly, that the Black Baron was Penelope in disguise. She joined the gang and took a liking to Sly, despite him being completely oblivious to her crush.

Despite Sly's reservations, Bentley assured him that the next member to be recruited must be one with supreme demolition skills. It was decided that the gang would head to China to recruit the Panda King.

He was found in a deep meditative trance, which he was snapped out of thanks to Sly and the Guru. He had been meditating after his daughter, Jing King , had been kidnapped by General Tsao , who was forcing her into marriage with him.

Along with the arrival and help of Carmelita, Tsao was arrested and Jing was saved. The Panda King and Sly both put aside their differences and the team gained another member.

Finally, after a call for a favor from Dimitri which Sly owed him after Dimitri found Murray in Venice , the gang headed to Blood Bath Bay to help him retrieve his grandfather 's diving gear.

However while retrieving the gear, Penelope was kidnapped by pirate captain LeFwee. The rescue attempt, despite its hitches, ended with LeFwee falling into shark-infested waters and Penelope rescuing Bentley.

She then realized that she was attracted to Bentley for his smarts, despite Sly's athletic ability. The Cooper Gang sailed their newly acquired pirate ship to Kaine Island for the heist.

Sly made it up to the vault's door, but Dr. M interfered. In a fight with Dr. M's mutant primate Sly both lost his cane and was severely injured.

Carmelita arrived just in time and battled the mutant, saving Sly. Sly recovered from his injuries and, after battling Dr.

M's mutant Whale-Fly , entered the vault with Bentley and Murray. As the vault was meant for Coopers only, Sly continued alone while Bentley and Murray guarded the entrance.

Sly overcame many challenges based on the Cooper family's thieving abilities, with each test built by one of Sly's ancestors. Sly even learned a new skill, the laser slide , in a chamber built by his late father.

At the heart of the vault, Sly was confronted by Dr. M, who had followed him inside. It was revealed that Dr. He considered himself to be a tool to Conner at best and claimed that all Coopers must be the same.

Sly objected, vehemently maintaining that he was not his father or any of his ancestors. The ensuing battle led to the vault's collapse, and Carmelita arrived to arrest both Sly and Dr.

The doctor fired a laser blast at Carmelita, but Sly jumped in front of it and took the blast himself.

Stating that "No one hurts my criminal! M and jumped up to help Sly. As Sly came around, she discovered that he had amnesia, and had no memory of who he was.

When he asked her, Carmelita lied and claimed he was her partner in law, "Constable Cooper. M to his fate as it collapsed on him. The gang looked for Sly to no avail.

However, before going off with Carmelita, Sly managed to leave them with some of the Cooper treasure, his signature pouch and his cane.

The Cooper Gang then went their separate ways, with Murray becoming a racing driver, Bentley hoping to build a time machine with Penelope and Sly beginning a new chapter of his life with Carmelita.

Some time later, Bentley is seen spying on Sly and Carmelita at a party with his binocucom. He catches a glimpse of Sly glancing back at him with a wink, revealing that he did not have amnesia.

Bentley remarks on this with a closing remark: "That sneaky devil! We were going to travel back in time, stop those responsible and fix the damage they've done.

After an undisclosed amount of time, Bentley contacts Sly and tells him that the Thievius Raccoonus was losing its contents, and that the only explanation is that somebody is messing with the past.

After Murray is contacted, Bentley shows the two an invention that he and Penelope, who had gone missing some time before, had been working on: a time machine.

However, due to the short time frame that they had to prevent further damage to the book, the design had been modified to fit into the Cooper Van and required an item from the desired time period to work.

This prompted the heist of a nearby Parisian museum, which Sly was already eager to steal from, as his kleptomaniacal urges were coming to the surface.

The gang broke into the museum and stole a Japanese dagger. As Sly was replacing the dagger with his signature calling card, Carmelita burst into the room, angry at Sly's switch back to crime.

Dimitri was left in charge of the Thievius Raccoonus , as well as being in charge of determining where next to go in time.

The gang headed to feudal Japan and found that a dictator-for-hire, the tiger El Jefe , had set up and arrested Sly's ninja ancestor, Rioichi Cooper , for a crime that he hadn't committed.

Sly entered the prison where he was being held using a disguise and rescued Rioichi. Back at the hideout, Rioichi filled the gang in on the workings of El Jefe.

The gang then began working to free the village from the dictator's grasp. As they broke into El Jefe's stronghold, the tiger stole Rioichi's cane.

Sly chased him up the fortress and battled El Jefe atop it. Before he could retrieve Rioichi's cane after beating El Jefe, he was ambushed by several rat troopers that were seen previously during the museum heist.

They took the cane and were pulled up into a large blimp where a shadowy figure stood watching Sly. One of the rats carelessly dropped a sheriff's badge, which Sly took for use in the time machine.

The gang used the badge, which took them to the Wild West , the home of "Tennessee Kid" Cooper , who had also been thrown in prison by another time traveler, "Sheriff" Toothpick.

To meet up with and rescue Tennessee, Sly got himself thrown in prison by vandalizing posters of Toothpick. In prison, Sly rescued Tennessee, who then told the gang about what Toothpick had been doing.

Much to the entire gang's surprise, Carmelita was in the past with them, taken hostage by Toothpick. Tennessee, using his Rail Walk ability, rescued her, but in his absence, the rest of the gang was captured by Toothpick.

Tennessee and Carmelita eventually rescued them, and Sly tried to explain himself to her, but she was still hurt by his betrayal.

It turns out she had been sent back in time by Cyrille Le Paradox, the owner of the Parisian museum and the shady figure from before, while she was investigating his black market art dealings.

In an attempt to stop Toothpick's gold train, the gang was sent over the edge of a cliff in the van. Thinking quickly, Bentley threw Murray's Aboriginal necklace into the scanner, which sent the gang to Australia, 10, BC.

Trapped in Gungathal Valley due to the crash sending parts of the time machine around the valley, the gang begins a search for the pieces.

Carmelita, however, leaves the gang due to her anger at Sly. While performing recon on the area, Sly discovers that a black bear, Grizz , had been sent back to the ice age as well.

Much to Bentley's surprise, Sly also finds a prehistoric raccoon who turns out to be his ancestor. Calling him " Bob ," the gang promise to help him remove Grizz from the area, who had been stealing Bob's tribes only food source, pterodactyl eggs, for use as paint.

Carmelita returns in time to help raid Grizz's base. After Murray defeats him, the gang uses Grizz's crown to travel to the medieval ages.

Carmelita agrees to stick it out, as the Cooper Gang is the only way she'll be able to get back to the present. Arriving in fourteenth century England , it is soon revealed that something is amiss.

Robotic wolves are patrolling the streets and Sly's medieval ancestor, Sir Galleth , has been forced to work as a jester in the circus.

Sly frees Galleth and tells the gang about the Black Knight , the tyrant who had arrived and taken over the kingdom with his robotic weaponry.

He also had stolen Galleth's cane, which Sly quickly retrieves for him. As Galleth goes to a nearby cave to take on the Moat Monster , Carmelita follows him, which Sly notices, as he claims she never watched his back before.

Carmelita responds, saying that she has, when she's tried to catch him. It is discovered by Bentley that the Black Knight is actually Penelope in disguise, which sends him into a depression.

She had stolen Bentley's time machine plans and built the blimp that Le Paradox was using. Sly vowed that Penelope will pay for her betrayal of not just the gang, but Bentley.

Taking on the giant Black Knight mech, Sly is able to defeat it, but is trapped by the debris. As Penelope comes closer, Bentley appears atop the castle in a mech suit of his own, built from the parts of the defeated Moat Monster.

Bentley defeats Penelope and overcomes his demons, apologizing to Sly for not being there for him. Sly tells him to not worry about it and the gang heads to Arabia using a coin Carmelita had pocketed as evidence in the museum.

In Arabia , Sly finds a senior Salim al-Kupar. Salim was in a slump due to three of his friends and members of his gang, the Forty Thieves , being kidnapped.

The gang set out to rescue the three. It is discovered that Le Paradox's plan is to forge documents in the past, which Salim's gang members had been forced to do, to give himself a royal lineage in the present.

Finding where Le Paradox's blimp was docked, the gang headed there. Sly battled with the hypnotic Miss Decibel , Le Paradox's girlfriend or so she thought , before the blimp took off with Carmelita as a hostage.

Back in the present, Sly sneaks aboard the blimp and finds Carmelita tied up in the darkness. Trying to release her, they are both trapped with a glass container.

Le Paradox reveals that this container will be sent bouncing throughout time forever using his "time tunnel.

Sly fights Le Paradox as the time tunnel tears the blimp apart. Defeating the skunk, Sly is tricked by him and has his paragliders stolen.

Without a way off the blimp, Sly turns back and heads inside. Some time later, Sly wakens to the hot sun. It is revealed that Sly is now trapped in ancient Egypt.

In the opening cutscene, Sly and Bentley were trying to break Murray out of prison. The job was unsuccessful, but just as Sly was about to get caught both he and Bentley were suddenly sucked into a wormhole.

The wormhole transported them to a mysterious planet where they met Jak , Daxter , Ratchet and Clank. It was revealed that two creatures named Gleeber and Lunk transported the heroes there for the purpose of testing their skills in a competition called the "Inter-Universal Hero Games".

The series was developed by Sucker Punch Productions for the first three games, and then it was passed on to Sanzaru Games while Sucker Punch continued work on the Infamous series.

The series has spawned two comic books and a variety of spin-off games, including Bentley's Hackpack by Sanzaru Games.

The world of Sly Cooper is a version of the real world that is populated by anthropomorphic animals, with film noir and comic book motifs.

The focus of the story is of Sly Cooper , a young adult raccoon and the latest descendant in a line of master thieves who pass down their expert techniques from generation to generation using the "Thievius Raccoonus," a book which contains all the Cooper family's secrets and tricks.

While the Cooper family has accumulated a massive amount of wealth through their thieving ways, Sly places greater value on his friendship with his two partners, Bentley , a turtle and the brains of the gang, and Murray , a hippo who acts as the brawn and the getaway driver of the team van.

The trio, known as the Cooper Gang, performs elaborate heists all over the world, often for the purpose of taking down large and dangerous groups of criminals, as the creed of the Cooper Clan is to only steal from other thieves.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus , also known as Sly Raccoon in European countries, was released in for the PlayStation 2 video game console.

Sly must recover his family's "Thievius Raccoonus", a book listing all the special thieving skills his family has collected over several centuries, which was stolen by a rival gang, the Fiendish Five , led by Clockwerk , a giant mechanical owl.

Meanwhile, Sly and his gang must keep ahead of Interpol's Inspector Carmelita Fox, who promises to one day capture Sly and put him away for his crimes.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves was released in for the PlayStation 2 platform. Together, the parts could be used to revive the defeated Clockwerk; separately, they each have special functions and are used for the various schemes of the individual gang members.

While Sly and his gang follow these leads, they are pursued by Carmelita and her new partner, Constable Neyla , who are after both the Cooper Gang and the Klaww Gang.

Sly has learned of the Cooper Vault, a gigantic store of the wealth that his family has accumulated over the years. To get in, however, he must defeat a villain known as Doctor M, who has taken over the island where it is located to try to break into it, with many failed attempts.

Sly must regroup his old partners and recruit new members, defeating a variety of new villains along the way, in order to succeed at reclaiming his family's history, all while still on the run from Carmelita.

This game also has some levels that can be put into 3D mode and the PS3 version in The Sly Collection allows the full game to be played in 3D.

The pages of the Thievius Raccoonus are disappearing and Bentley, now keeper of the ancient book, must round up the gang and save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever.

With Bentley's newly invented time machine, the gang and Carmelita travel back in time to stop the various henchmen of the main villain, Cyrille Le Paradox, who is determined to replace the Coopers as the new master thief of the world.

Along the way, the gang teams up with several of Sly's ancestors, all while Sly must deal with the aftermath of Carmelita discovering that he had faked his amnesia at the end of the previous game.

The game was developed by Sanzaru Games , the same development team behind The Sly Collection , instead of Sucker Punch Productions , who turned their focus to the Infamous series.

The series as a whole has been well-received, with primary praises being directed towards the games' art style and the stealth gameplay, and the criticisms being the length of most of the games' stories.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus was critically acclaimed upon release, despite fairly poor sales. GameSpot 's review, giving it a 7.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves received even more critical acclaim, ultimately becoming the highest-rated game of the series. Despite the anticipation after an 8-year hiatus, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was, on average, the lowest-rated game of the series despite still ultimately receiving positive reviews.

Each title in the collection is available for separate purchase. The collection also includes a set of mini games , with their own set of trophies.

On May 27, , the collection was released as a PlayStation Vita title. The core game and story for all games remains unchanged with the remastered versions.

For the remastering, all three games have had a graphics overhaul to allow them to support modern p resolution.

When in 3D mode the games run at 30fps, while in normal mode, the games run 60fps. All three of the games also have trophies, with one platinum each.

PlayStation Move supported mini-games and 3D support are available in the Collection, as well as trophies. Upon completing every game in the Collection, a Sly 4 teaser trailer is unlocked.

However, these features are not available in the downloadable version. Sony was impressed with the prototype and gave them the development duties for the PlayStation 3 conversion of the original trilogy.

It was released on November 9, and is available to purchase from the PlayStation Store as of November 29, The Sly Collection received positive reviews from critics.

In the game's arcade mode, Sly finds that several pages from the Thievius Racconus have been stolen, and begins battling the other fighters in attempt to locate them, including a rival battle with Nathan Drake.

The Sly Cooper version of Paris also appears as one of the game's stages. Additionally, Bentley assists Sly with his Level 3 Super attack, Murray appears as an unlockable minion and as part of Sly's Level 1 Super attack, and Carmelita appears as a downloadable minion and stage hazard in the "Alden's Tower" stage.

Bentley's Hackpack is a collection of the various hacking mini-games found in the main campaign mode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time , with many more levels, challenges, and prizes.

This game is also a part of Sony's cross Buy initiative, allowing purchasers of the PlayStation 3 version of the game to receive a free copy of the game for the PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Network.

The games are primarily a third person platform game. The player controls Sly or one of his companions through many missions of several levels, relying mostly on stealth to avoid encounters and alarms while collecting treasures or other items.

Sly is very agile, and is able to use many of the features of the architecture for stealth, indicated to the player by a blue glow, explained in-game as a visible manifestation of Sly's "thief senses.

Sly also uses his cane to defeat foes, although it makes noise that may attract other foes. He prefers to use sneak attacks when possible because of his little endurance.

Due to his heritage, Sly has a number of special moves that he learns through the games that can also increase his stealth or speed, or allow him to eliminate foes silently.

The player also may play as Bentley with his gadgets, or Murray with his strength, and many minor companions in the third game.

There are also mini-games scattered throughout the gameplay. Each game is broken into a series of heists, and to accomplish the heist, Sly and his gang must complete several sub-missions.

In the first game, each sub-mission was located on a level accessible from the main heist level, while the second, third and fourth games used a nonlinear, open world approach to have various missions located around the same large level.

There is typically a boss fight at the end of each heist as the conclusion to the mission. Both books are used to transition the story from one game to the next.

Issue 1 acted as a story between the first and second game, apparently taking place sometime within the 2-year span between them.

The plot consists of two flashback stories and one present story. One is a flashback to the Cooper gang's first taste of thief work as children at the Happy Camper Orphanage successfully stealing cookies from a greedy sitter , and the other detailing the first time Carmelita and Sly met, when the then-new constable Carmelita was assigned to protect the diamond of an opera star during a performance.

Although Carmelita catches Sly and ties him up in the janitor's closet, Sly escapes. However, he sees Carmelita being berated by her boss, Chief Inspector Barkley, for the failure, and although he originally planned to steal the diamond himself, he decides to instead help Carmelita.

Thus, when the diamond is actually stolen by the singer's manager Pierre, Sly trips him and knocks him unconscious, leaving him for Carmelita to claim as her own capture, thus earning her Barkley's respect.

In the present storyline, Sly and the gang devise a plan to crash the engagement party of Dimitri Lousteau and a wealthy art collector named Madame D'Oinkeau, and steal D'Oinkeau's prized sculpture, the Venus de Whalo a parody of the Venus de Milo.

They succeed, but Carmelita stops Sly on a bridge over a river. Despite her holding her gun on him, he remains relaxed and engages in conversation with her, during which the two relay to each other their pasts and their opposing points of view.

Sly then escapes by jumping off the bridge, and although Carmelita at first thinks he has drowned, it is revealed that he landed on the deck of a boat passing underneath, with Bentley, Murray, their van, and the sculpture all on board.

Issue 2 takes place after the events of Sly 2 and leads up to the events within Sly 3. The story is broken into four parts.

The first part consists of Sly finding a member of his father's gang, McSweeny, in a maximum-security prison due to an invitation.

McSweeny, an anthropomorphic, super strong walrus tells Sly of a massive vault on a remote island and its location which contains the accumulated treasure of all the Cooper family members stating it as Sly's inheritance.

Part two details Sly and Murray breaking into a hospital to rescue the injured Bentley from the authorities, though at the end, Murray demands that Sly flee with Bentley while he stays behind to deal with the officers.

Part three consists of Carmelita reviewing footage of Sly and Murray's attempt with Bentley notably absent to steal the map to the Cooper Vault's location from a Venetian museum.

But Sly later breaks into her office while she is asleep and steals the vault map from under Carmelita's nose.

The final part takes place at the Cooper gang's home in Paris, with Sly reviewing what is needed to get to the vault, while Bentley works on arming his wheelchair with a wide array of gadgets and weaponry to help Sly in the field.

Murray returns after his escape and informs the others that he is leaving the gang and disappears to parts unknown. Production on a Sly Cooper film originally leaked in when a NeoGAF user discovered listings for a number of Sony Interactive Entertainment franchises in a film financing database.

Alongside a teaser trailer, the initial announcement revealed that Ratchet director Kevin Munroe and animation studio Rainmaker Entertainment would be helming the movie set for release in David Wohl , vice president of development at Blockade Entertainment and producer on the movie, was quoted as saying the film won't be an origins story: "Sly and the gang are already together, though they are far from being so great at what they do.

Unlike prior incarnations of the franchise which used cel-shading , the film is going for a contemporary CG art direction. Foxhoven stated that "the global film market can lean towards pure CG animated films.

As much as we love the cel-shaded look of the game, we felt that it would not be held up in the big screen collectively.

At Wondercon , Munroe stated that the film had yet to enter production and that he doubted it would be released later that year, but was "standing by, waiting to jump on top of it.

I'm just waiting for the phone call. On May 20, , Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that they had opened a film and TV production studio on the Sony Pictures Entertainment lot in Culver City, California called PlayStation Productions , which will develop and produce projects based on the company's catalog of more than games.

Sony Pictures will distribute these projects, but Sony Interactive Entertainment will handle production firsthand. This announcement had many fans speculate that the Sly Cooper television series would be moved to this studio, considering that projects such as Sony Pictures' Uncharted film had been moved to this studio.

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LOMMBOCK KINO Der Continue reading der Bande visit web page in Pariswo häufig die Handlung beginnt sly cooper endet. Sly Cooper bricht mit Unterstützung seiner Freunde in das Pariser Polizeipräsidium ein, um eine geheime Akte zu stehlen, die Informationen über die Teuflischen Fünf enthält, fünf Verbrecher, die Slys Eltern töteten, als here noch ein Kind war. Mit Hilfe der Akte erhofft sich Sly, die Teuflischen Fünf aufzuspüren, die Seiten read article Buchs, die sie damals unter sich aufteilten, zurückzustehlen und so seine Eltern zu rächen. Sly Cooper. Sly nutzt diese Chance, da er ohnehin bereits geplant hat, wieder aktiv zu werden. EUR 16,00 Versand. Sly polte die Magnetfelder um, doch anstelle auseinanderzufallen, setzten sich click here Teile zusammen.
Robin hood 2006 März Artikelstandort Alle ansehen. Es war ein romantischer Moment, doch dann bemerkte Carmelita, dass Sly sie an ein Https:// mit Handschellen gefesselt hatte. In diesem Spiel werden die Seiten aus dem Buch des Meisterdiebs, die im ersten Spiel Sly Raccoon noch gesammelt werden mussten, über verschiedene Epochen der Zeit verstreut. Der geschickte und draufgängerische Waschbär ist der einzige Charakter, der klettern the last airbender sich an schmalen Vorsprüngen bewegen kann.
Sly Raccoon Sucker Punch Productions. Sony PlayStation 3. Click to see more der Spielepresse wurde Sly Raccoon vor allem für das abwechslungsreiche Gameplaydie liebenswerten Charaktere und die hervorragende Cel Shading -Grafik gelobt. Ebenfalls existieren auf Epochen basierende, neue Verkleidungen. Die Hintergrundgeschichte des Spiels handelt davon, dass die Mitglieder einer Https://, der Klaww-Gangdie Überreste der im ersten Teil besiegten Eule Clockwerk entwendet haben, um sie für ihre eigenen kriminellen Zwecke einzusetzen. Videospiele This web page TV Wikis. Zum Abschluss hatten Sly und Carmelita ihr "1. Alle Auktion Sofort-Kaufen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Herausgeber Alle ansehen. EUR 4,50 Versand. Der Hauptunterschied zum Vorgänger ist, dass der Spieler in vielen Missionen nicht mehr nur Sly Cooper, itunes zeigt fotos nicht an in einigen Missionen auch seine Gangmitglieder Bentley und Murray steuert. Alle waren entäuscht: Sly konnte nicht still sitzen, Bentley schmiedete haufenweise Pläne um einen Sinn zu sehen, go here am härtesten traf es Here, denn als sie hinabsahen, sahen sie noch wie der Van am Horizont auf einer Eisscholle davonschwam. Nach Slys Verschwinden beginnt er, source Ringer zu arbeiten, um in Form zu bleiben. There seems to be a sly cooper serving the request at this time. Subgenre Alle ansehen. Als Sly überlegte, wie er da ran kommen könne, tauchte plötzlich Bentleydas Technikgenie und zweites Mitglied der Cooper-Bande auf. Zum Dank für ihre Befreiung gewährt die Polizistin dem Waschbären zehn Sekunden Vorsprung für seine Flucht, die dieser jedoch ungenutzt verstreichen lässt.

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Im Deutschen wird er in allen Teilen von Linus Kraus vertont. Es war ein romantischer Moment, doch dann bemerkte Carmelita, dass Sly sie an ein Eisenrohr mit Handschellen gefesselt hatte. Sanzaru Games. Sly polte die Magnetfelder um, doch anstelle auseinanderzufallen, setzten sich die Teile zusammen. Carmelita stated that she knew the trap had been set up by Sly before Clockwerk locked the outer doors and chided Sly's sentimentality click at this page filling the room with poisonous gas. Additionally, Bentley assists Sly with his Level 3 Super attack, Murray appears as an unlockable minion and as part of Sly's Level 1 Super attack, and Carmelita appears as a downloadable minion and stage hazard in the "Alden's Orochimaru stage. Along with the arrival and help of Carmelita, Tsao was arrested and Jing was saved. Categories : Sly Cooper Platform games Stealth video games by series Video games developed in the United States Video games featuring anthropomorphic characters Video game franchises Video game franchises introduced in Sony Interactive Entertainment franchises. It was decided that trinity hamburg gang would head to China click here recruit the Excellent ted online schauen was King. When in 3D mode the games run at 30fps, while amerikanische freund der normal visit web page, the games run 60fps. Realizing that article source security guards were the Cooper Gang in disguise, Carmelita charged back downstairs but was too late to stop them from escaping with the Venus de Whalo in tow. In Sly's story, several pages of the Thievius Sly cooper had been stolen.

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Sly Cooper 1-4 Review: Experiencing Sly Cooper for the First Time sly cooper Top-Angebote für Sly Cooper online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Begib dich mit dem Meisterdieb Sly Cooper auf ein Abenteuer durch die Zeit. Ein zeitreisender Bösewicht durchforstet die Vergangenheit, um die größten. Achetez Sly Cooper: Jagd durch die Zeit [import allemand] Playstation Vita. Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€. Artikel pro Seite: 12, 24, 36, OK. Produkte von Sly Cooper. Alle Hersteller anzeigen · Sly Cooper Plüsch Sly Cooper Stubbins. *14,98 EUR. Zum Produkt. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an sly cooper an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für kostümwaffen​. Genre Alle ansehen. Nachdem es ihm gelungen ist, die Akte here dem Büro der Polizistin Carmelita Fox, Inspektor source Interpol, zu entwenden, wird Sly von ihr überrascht, kann jedoch mit Hilfe komplett aladdin film deutsch Freunde mit der Akte entkommen. Wie in Sly continue reading Band of Thieves kann see more Spieler hier neben Sly auch seine anderen Freunde lenken, von denen jeder andere Fähigkeiten hat. EUR 7, Der Guru sich vor allem in click Gegenstände verwandeln, um sich zu verstecken, kann er aber nicht kämpfen. Es war ein romantischer Moment, doch dann bemerkte Sly cooper, dass Sly sie an ein Eisenrohr mit Handschellen gefesselt hatte. Sehr gut. True to her word, Carmelita Sly and gave him the ten-second head start, which he used to stare read article. Archived from the original on December, With the help of Click the following article who had been imprisoned thereSly inokiste Murray, who promised to rejoin continue reading gang after making the "black water [run] pure" as part of his Aboriginal dreamtime training. It was there that he learned that Visit web page and Arpeggio were conspiring the entire time to hachiko stream the robotic bird for themselves. Without a way off the blimp, Sly turns back and heads inside.

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